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What is this Place?

My name is Rev. RJ Levesque, Jr. and I am the owner of Dreamweaver Creations. Now being the curious type I have accumulated a rather large skill set. This has made things difficult in the past. So recently with economic times being what they are I decided to just create a directory of different sites where I offer various products and/or services.

This site directory is the result of that venture. An attempt to both organize and try to make some sort of profit. Please feel free to browse around the various creations, services, and such that I offer here. I also have a blog on this site which you may follow if you like. The blog will be directly related to directory subjects only.


You may view my resume here

Directory of Sites, Services, and Products
  • Custom, HTML5 Responsive WordPress Themes – GO
  • Organic Herbal Tea for Homiopathic Care – GO
  • MS Access Software Applications for PC – GO
  • FileMaker Pro Datbase Software Applications for Mac and PC – GO
  • Official Site of the Tree of Life Ministries Church – GO
  • Pagan Black Cat eShop – GO
  • Photography and Fantasy Art – GO
  • Vaporz eSmoke Tips, Tricks, and Links – GO
Other sites hosted by me
  • Artistry by Chloe (Professional makeup tips, tricks, services, and advice) - GO
  • Buford’s Custom Rods (Custom, Made to order fishing rods ) – GO
  • Chloe’s Site (Personal Site) - GO
  • Canadian Computer Tech and Repair - GO

Contact Me

You may contact me via the contact form on this site with any questions you may have. I do not publicly offer my email address due to spambot issues.

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