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Stock Photo Gallery

It has been a long time hobby of mine photography. I now offer various photo images online for sale. I offer high quality images for very low prices, because I think most of the stock image sites online are way too expensive. Enjoy!

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What I Do

I offer several different products and services as a freelancer. Among the services I offer are custom WordPress theme development, Filemaker Pro development, MS Access development, and more. Click the link below to see all I offer.

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I pride myself on running a business that proudly serves anyone and everyone regardless of religion, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, shape, size, race, or just about anything else you could think of. Heck, I just like people in general. Click on the “Read more” link below to research my credentials and accomplishments.

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I prefer working for a fixed rate price but sometimes work for an hourly rate based on the type of work you require. You may hire me directly or, if you prefer, through one of the freelance sites I belong to listed below.